Monday, 6 January 2014

Wiki Ambassador Aleena Maria

My father told me about Open Education Resources.  This University has

  2. Volunteer teachers to help the learners
  3. Arrangements to test the learner
  4. Arrangement to issue certificate

The only expense is the Online Exam Fee and some other costs!

So, I told the teachers and friends to use WikiEducator and Open Education Resources to learn better.
I also plan to help Hotel Malabar Court. I want to visit the hotel, shoot photographs of the rooms and write about the hotel in my blog.

I will ask my father to take me and my friends to Hotel Malabar Court. We will shoot the hotel.

I also made a YouTube video with the slides, with the help of +Sebastian Panakal and my brother +ryan dane

Learning is fun!
Blogging is fun!

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